Aprilia Compay Fault Codes

Aprilia Compay motorcycles have engines, which are made up of many different parts. These parts must work together in order for the engine to function. A problem with one of the parts can make the engine not run. There are many different parts that make up an engine. The following aprilia compay faults are the list of some of the parts of a motorcycle engine.

Aprilia Compay motorcycles are particularly vulnerable to exhaust fumes, so you’re right to be concerned about the fumes you breathed in. The good news is that you should be able to find a motorcycle maintenance checklist online or at your local dealership that will provide you with a list of potential issues that might be causing your bike to release harmful emissions.

Aprilia Compay Faults :

Engine management systems of Aprilia Compay are responsible for monitoring a range of features and its warning light should go out a few seconds after ignition. The system's main job is to keep the engine running at peak performance by monitoring many parameters like coolant temperature, oil pressure, fuel level and air/fuel ratio. The system monitors these parameters continuously and alerts the driver if any of these parameters fall outside the predetermined limits.

Aprilia engine management system is able to self-diagnose faults and tell you what's wrong with it.

To display the Aprilia Fault Codes diagnostics codes, enable diagnostics mode by pressing the LAP button at key-ON for at least 15 seconds. To exit the diagnostics code display and return to the normal display mode, run a key-OFF/ON cycle. When the faults are eliminated and hence the Fault Code is no longer being sent to the dashboard by the ECU, the dashboard will continue to display them until a key-OFF/ON cycle is run. lithe dashboard is sent a code other than those given in the following diagnostics code table, it will display PXX where the XX ls the last iwo digits of the code in question. lf the CAN line does not respond or is disconnected in diagnostics mode, ERR will flash in place of the code digits

Aprilia Error Code List :

Component Fault Code DTC Possible Cause
Camshaft position sensor 11 Sensor not connected.

Sensor broken.

Wiring faulty.

Crankshaft position sensor 12
Intake pressure sensor 13
Intake pressure sensor 14 Excessive pressure difference between two pressure sensors
Throttle position sensor 15 Sensor not connected.

Sensor broken.

Wiring faulty.

Coolant temperature sensor 21
Air temperature sensor 22
Atmospheric pressure sensor (inside ECU) 23 Sensor faulty
Ignition coil 1, Front cylinder 33 Ignition coil faulty or wiring not connected
Ignition coil 2, Front cylinder 34
Ignition coils 1 and 2, Front cylinder 33,34
Ignition coil 1, Rear cylinder 35
Ignition coil 2, Rear cylinder 36
Ignition coils 1 and 2, Rear cylinder 35,36
Fall Sensor (tip-over sensor) 41 Sensor not connected.

Sensor broken.

Wiring faulty.

Aprilia ECU Error Codes

This menu allows you to view any current errors (active) or stored (memo) as detected by the ECU. The presence of an error is indicated by x. To identify the error, please refer to the “ECU error codes” table.

Engine overheatECU 01
Pick-up sensor failureECU 02
Wrong signal from throttle position sensorsECU 03
Wrong signal from throttle position sensor 1ECU 04
Wrong signal from throttle position sensor 2ECU 05
Throttle position sensor 1 malfunctionECU 06
Throttle position sensor 2 malfunctionECU 07
Throttle position sensors malfunctionECU 08
Incorrect charging voltageECU 09
Oil pump malfunctionECU 10
Air injector malfunctionECU 11
Fuel injector malfunctionECU 12
Ignition circuit malfunctionECU 13
Fuel pump malfunctionECU 14
Engine rpm limiter trippedECU 15
Error in ECU power supplyECU 16
Rpm limiter tripped while startingECU 17
Engine temperature sensor malfunctionECU 18
Error on ECU throttle sensor connectionECU 22
Atmospheric pressure sensor malfunctionECU 23

Aprilia Instrument Panel Error Codes :

Immobilizer failure: Key code read but not acknowledgedDSB 01
Immobilizer failure: Key code not read (key not available or transponder broken)DSB 02
Immobilizer failure: Broken antenna (open or short-circuited)DSB 03
Immobilizer failure: Inner controller failureDSB 04
Fuel sensor failureDSB 05

Aprilia Compay Motorcycle Problems :

  • Aprilia compay after fire
  • Aprilia compay air cleaner clogged, poorly sealed, or missing
  • Aprilia compay air cleaner element clogged
  • Aprilia compay air duct loose
  • Aprilia compay air suction valve trouble
  • Aprilia compay air switching valve trouble
  • Aprilia compay backfiring when deceleration
  • Aprilia compay cracked or obstructed intake air pressure sensor
  • Aprilia compay crankshaft sensor trouble
  • Aprilia compay eCU ground and power supply trouble
  • Aprilia compay eCU trouble
  • Aprilia compay engine overheating - Water temperature sensor or crankshaft sensor trouble
  • Aprilia compay engine stalls easily
  • Aprilia compay engine vacuum not synchronizing
  • Aprilia compay exhaust Smokes Excessively
  • Aprilia compay firing incorrect
  • Aprilia compay fuel filter clogged
  • Aprilia compay fuel injector clogged
  • Aprilia compay fuel injector O-ring damage
  • Aprilia compay fuel injector trouble
  • Aprilia compay fuel line clogged
  • Aprilia compay fuel poor quality or incorrect
  • Aprilia compay fuel pressure regulator trouble
  • Aprilia compay fuel pressure too low or too high
  • Aprilia compay fuel pump bearings may wear. Replace the fuel pump
  • Aprilia compay fuel pump not operating
  • Aprilia compay fuel pump operates intermittently and often DFI fuse blows
  • Aprilia compay fuel pump relay trouble
  • Aprilia compay fuel pump trouble
  • Aprilia compay fuel/air mixture incorrect
  • Aprilia compay fuel/air mixture incorrect
  • Aprilia compay gear position sensor, starter lockout or side stand switch trouble
  • Aprilia compay inspect and repair or replace
  • Aprilia compay intake air pressure sensor trouble
  • Aprilia compay intake air temperature sensor trouble
  • Aprilia compay intake air temperature sensor trouble
  • Aprilia compay intermittent any DFI fault and its recovery
  • Aprilia compay little fuel in tank
  • Aprilia compay main throttle sensor trouble
  • Aprilia compay no or little fuel in tank
  • Aprilia compay poor acceleration
  • Aprilia compay spark plug burned or gap maladjusted
  • Aprilia compay spark plug dirty, broken or gap maladjusted
  • Aprilia compay spark plug incorrect
  • Aprilia compay spark weak
  • Aprilia compay stick coil shorted or not in good contact
  • Aprilia compay stick coil trouble
  • Aprilia compay subthrottle sensor trouble
  • Aprilia compay subthrottle valve actuator trouble
  • Aprilia compay throttle body assy dust seal damage
  • Aprilia compay throttle body assy holder loose
  • Aprilia compay throttle valves will not fully open
  • Aprilia compay unstable (rough) idling
  • Aprilia compay unstable fuel pressure
  • Aprilia compay vacuum hose
  • Aprilia compay vehicle-down sensor trouble
  • Aprilia compay water or foreign matter in fuel Change fuel
  • Aprilia compay water temperature sensor trouble

The first sign that your Aprilia Compay motorcycle's starter system is working well is the warning light that appears when you switch on the ignition. It will illuminate for a few seconds, and then go out. This is a good sign that your starter system is working properly and you'll be able to start your motorcycle without difficulty.

Possible Failure Types :

  • Strange Aprilia Compay engine noise.
  • Aprilia Compay fog from engine.
  • Strange Aprilia Compay engine noise.
  • Aprilia Compay Vibrations and Rattling
  • Aprilia Compay Loud Acceleration
  • Aprilia Compay rusty exhaust
  • Aprilia Compay blockages in exhaust pipe
  • Aprilia Compay wear and tear exhaust
Aprilia Logo

Aprilia was founded directly after WW2 as a manufacturer of bicycles, moving to scooters and motorcycles in 1968. Today, Aprilia enjoys success in the competitive sports and adventure bike segments, as well as competing in a variety of motorcycle racing championships.

Check other Aprilia fault codes.

Common abbreviations and their meanings below:

ABS: Anti-Lock Braking System
ACR: Automatic Compression Release
AFR: Air Fuel Ratio
AIS: Active Intake Solenoid
ATS: Air Temperature Sensor
BAS: Bank Angle Sensor
BCM: Body Control Module
CAN: Controller Area Network
CCM: Cruise Control Module
CKP: Crank Position Sensor
DLC: Datalink Connector
DTC: Diagnostic Trouble Codes
ECM: Electronic Control Module
ECT: Engine Coolant Temperature
ECU: Electronic Control Unit
EFI: Electronic Fuel Injection
EFP: Electronic Fuel Pump
ET: Engine Temperature sensor
FI: Fuel Injectors
FPR: Fuel Pressure Regulator
H-DSSS: Harley-Davidson® Smart Security System
HCU: Hydraulic Control Unit, ABS
HFSM: Hands Free Security Module
HO2S: Heated Oxygen Sensor
IAC: Idle Air Control actuator
IAT: Intake Air Temperature sensor
ICM: Ignition Control Module
IMAP: MAP + IAT in one unit
ISS: Ion Sensing System
JSS: Jiffy Stand Sensor
LHCM: Left Hand Control Module
MAP: Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor
MHR: Right Hand Control Module
RCM: Reverse Control Module
TCA: Throttle Control Actuator
TGS: Twist Grip Sensor
TMAP: Intake Air Temperature / Manifold Absolute Pressure equipment
TPS: Throttle Position Sensor
TSM / TSSM: (Turn Signal / Turn Signal Security Module)
VE: Volume Efficiency
VIN: Vehicle Identification Number
VSS: Vehicle Speed Sensor
WSS: Wheel Speed Sensor

These abbreviations, and the accompanying list of trouble codes, can be a great start when your Aprilia check engine light comes on. As mentioned above, if you are not comfortable with electrical diagnostic work, a dealership or qualified technician can offer assistance. Please keep in mind that even though you have the ability to clear a DTC using the onboard diagnostic feature, you shouldn't clear the code prior to your service appointment. Let the technician view and clear the codes as they troubleshoot the issue.

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Motorcycle electrical systems are very complex to fix it, check with your motorcycle diagnosis tool for the fault code and start motorcycle troubleshooting process.Some bike problems require professional troubleshooting and repair. However, there are many issues that you can easily fix on your own.

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