Ducati Indiana Fault Codes

Ducati Indiana motorcycles have engines, which are made up of many different parts. These parts must work together in order for the engine to function. A problem with one of the parts can make the engine not run. There are many different parts that make up an engine. The following ducati indiana faults are the list of some of the parts of a motorcycle engine.

What’s wrong with my Ducati Indiana motorcycle brake light and what can I do about it? There are a few possibilities. One is that your break switch is defective and will need to be replaced. Another is that your brake fluid level may be low.

Ducati Indiana Faults :

Another drawback that may occur along with your bike engine could be a blown gasket. this will cause your engine to overheat and presumably crack the cylinder heads. during this case, it's best to require your Ducati Indiana bike to an expert mechanic to possess it verified. Another common drawback is with the carburettor. The carburettor is that the a part of your bike that mixes air and fuel to make the combustion required to power the engine.

Error indication

The instrument panel manages error warnings in order to allow the rider to identify any abnormal vehicle behaviour in real time. Upon Key-On, if there are errors the instrument panel displays the indication of the present errors and turns on the EOBD light. During vehicle normal operation, any time an error warning is activated, the instrument panel automatically displays the error indication and turns on the EOBD light. When an error is triggered, the indication remains well visible for 5 seconds ('large' icon) then becomes smaller ('small' icon). If several errors are present, the corresponding icons will be displayed one after the other and every one will stay on for 3 seconds. When an errors triggered the EOBD light turns on as well.

Ducati Displayed Errors :

Displayed errorDescription
UNKNOWN DEVICEControl unit not acknowledged by the system - wrong SW
ABSABS control unit faulty communication / operation
BBSBBS control unit faulty communication / operation
BBS control unit general malfunction
Exhaust valve motor malfunction
DSBDSB control unit faulty communication / operation
E-LOCKE-Lock control unit faulty communication / operation
E-Lock control unit general malfunction
(Immobilizer) key-antenna malfunction
ENGINEECU control unit faulty communication / operation
ECU control unit general malfunction
Throttle position sensor malfunction
Throttle grip position sensor malfunction
Throttle motor or relay malfunction
Pressure sensor malfunction
Engine coolant temperature sensor malfunction
Intake duct air temperature sensor malfunction
Injection relay malfunction
Ignition coil malfunction
Injector malfunction
Engine rpm sensor malfunction
Lambda sensor or Lambda sensor heater malfunction
Vehicle starting relay malfunction
Quick shift device switch malfunction
Secondary air sensor malfunction
GEAR SENSORGear sensor malfunction
FUEL SENSORReserve NTC sensor malfunction
SPEED SENSORFront and/or rear speed sensor malfunction
BATTERYBattery voltage too high or too low
STOP LIGHTStop light not working
FANElectric cooling fan malfunction
SIDE STANDSide stand sensor malfunction

DUCATI Motorcycle Error Codes DTC list

1.1TPS disconnected
1.2TPS short circuit to earth
2.1pressure sensor short circuit to power supply
2.2pressure sensor shorted to earth
3.1water temperature sensor shorted to power supply
3.2water temperature sensor shorted to earth
4.1air temperature sensor shorted to power supply
4.2air temperature sensor shorted to earth
5.1battery hi
5.2battery low
10.1horizontal coil shorted to power supply
10.2horizontal coil shorted to earth
11.1vertical coil shorted to power supply
11.2vertical coil shorted to earth
12.1injection 1 shorted to power supply
12.2injection 1 shorted to earth
13.1injection 2 shorted to power supply
13.2injection 2 shorted to earth
14.1injection 3 shorted to to power supply
14.2injection 3 shorted to earth
15.1injection 4 shorted to power supply
15.2injection 4 shorted to earth
16.0pump relay
17.1LH fan shorted to power supply
17.2LH fan shorted to earth
18.1RH fan shorted to power supply
18.2RH fan shorted to earth
19.1starter solenoid shorted to power supply
19.2starter solenoid shorted to earth
30.0ROM / EEprom fault
34.0signal panel sensor
36.0speed sensor
37.0immobilizer (transponder)
37.1immobilizer (antenna)
37.2immobilizer (instrument panel serial driver)
37.3immobilizer (serial cable disconnected)
37.4immobilizer (com serial drive)
37.5immobilizer (key not recognised)
37.6can line fault

Ducati Indiana Motorcycle Problems :

  • Ducati indiana after fire
  • Ducati indiana air cleaner clogged, poorly sealed, or missing
  • Ducati indiana air cleaner element clogged
  • Ducati indiana air duct loose
  • Ducati indiana air suction valve trouble
  • Ducati indiana air switching valve trouble
  • Ducati indiana backfiring when deceleration
  • Ducati indiana cracked or obstructed intake air pressure sensor
  • Ducati indiana crankshaft sensor trouble
  • Ducati indiana eCU ground and power supply trouble
  • Ducati indiana eCU trouble
  • Ducati indiana engine overheating - Water temperature sensor or crankshaft sensor trouble
  • Ducati indiana engine stalls easily
  • Ducati indiana engine vacuum not synchronizing
  • Ducati indiana exhaust Smokes Excessively
  • Ducati indiana firing incorrect
  • Ducati indiana fuel filter clogged
  • Ducati indiana fuel injector clogged
  • Ducati indiana fuel injector O-ring damage
  • Ducati indiana fuel injector trouble
  • Ducati indiana fuel line clogged
  • Ducati indiana fuel poor quality or incorrect
  • Ducati indiana fuel pressure regulator trouble
  • Ducati indiana fuel pressure too low or too high
  • Ducati indiana fuel pump bearings may wear. Replace the fuel pump
  • Ducati indiana fuel pump not operating
  • Ducati indiana fuel pump operates intermittently and often DFI fuse blows
  • Ducati indiana fuel pump relay trouble
  • Ducati indiana fuel pump trouble
  • Ducati indiana fuel/air mixture incorrect
  • Ducati indiana fuel/air mixture incorrect
  • Ducati indiana gear position sensor, starter lockout or side stand switch trouble
  • Ducati indiana inspect and repair or replace
  • Ducati indiana intake air pressure sensor trouble
  • Ducati indiana intake air temperature sensor trouble
  • Ducati indiana intake air temperature sensor trouble
  • Ducati indiana intermittent any DFI fault and its recovery
  • Ducati indiana little fuel in tank
  • Ducati indiana main throttle sensor trouble
  • Ducati indiana no or little fuel in tank
  • Ducati indiana poor acceleration
  • Ducati indiana spark plug burned or gap maladjusted
  • Ducati indiana spark plug dirty, broken or gap maladjusted
  • Ducati indiana spark plug incorrect
  • Ducati indiana spark weak
  • Ducati indiana stick coil shorted or not in good contact
  • Ducati indiana stick coil trouble
  • Ducati indiana subthrottle sensor trouble
  • Ducati indiana subthrottle valve actuator trouble
  • Ducati indiana throttle body assy dust seal damage
  • Ducati indiana throttle body assy holder loose
  • Ducati indiana throttle valves will not fully open
  • Ducati indiana unstable (rough) idling
  • Ducati indiana unstable fuel pressure
  • Ducati indiana vacuum hose
  • Ducati indiana vehicle-down sensor trouble
  • Ducati indiana water or foreign matter in fuel Change fuel
  • Ducati indiana water temperature sensor trouble

Fault problems that can occur with yourDucati Indianamotorcycle engine is a blown head gasket. This can cause your engine to overheat and possibly crack the cylinder heads. In this case, it is best to take your Ducati Indiana motorcycle to a professional mechanic to have it checked out. Another common problem is with the carburetor. The carburetor is the part of your motorcycle that mixes air and fuel to create the combustion needed to power the engine.

Possible Failure Types :

  • Strange Ducati Indiana engine noise.
  • Ducati Indiana fog from engine.
  • Strange Ducati Indiana engine noise.
  • Ducati Indiana Vibrations and Rattling
  • Ducati Indiana Loud Acceleration
  • Ducati Indiana rusty exhaust
  • Ducati Indiana blockages in exhaust pipe
  • Ducati Indiana wear and tear exhaust
Ducati Logo

Ducati Motorcycles was formed in 1953, when the Ducati company split into Ducati Elettronica and Ducati Meccanica SpA. They are well known for their powerful, large L-2 and L-4 engines known as Desmodromic engines. These engines have been used by Ducati for nearly 50 years.

Check other Ducati fault codes.

Common abbreviations and their meanings below:

ABS: Anti-Lock Braking System
ACR: Automatic Compression Release
AFR: Air Fuel Ratio
AIS: Active Intake Solenoid
ATS: Air Temperature Sensor
BAS: Bank Angle Sensor
BCM: Body Control Module
CAN: Controller Area Network
CCM: Cruise Control Module
CKP: Crank Position Sensor
DLC: Datalink Connector
DTC: Diagnostic Trouble Codes
ECM: Electronic Control Module
ECT: Engine Coolant Temperature
ECU: Electronic Control Unit
EFI: Electronic Fuel Injection
EFP: Electronic Fuel Pump
ET: Engine Temperature sensor
FI: Fuel Injectors
FPR: Fuel Pressure Regulator
H-DSSS: Harley-Davidson® Smart Security System
HCU: Hydraulic Control Unit, ABS
HFSM: Hands Free Security Module
HO2S: Heated Oxygen Sensor
IAC: Idle Air Control actuator
IAT: Intake Air Temperature sensor
ICM: Ignition Control Module
IMAP: MAP + IAT in one unit
ISS: Ion Sensing System
JSS: Jiffy Stand Sensor
LHCM: Left Hand Control Module
MAP: Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor
MHR: Right Hand Control Module
RCM: Reverse Control Module
TCA: Throttle Control Actuator
TGS: Twist Grip Sensor
TMAP: Intake Air Temperature / Manifold Absolute Pressure equipment
TPS: Throttle Position Sensor
TSM / TSSM: (Turn Signal / Turn Signal Security Module)
VE: Volume Efficiency
VIN: Vehicle Identification Number
VSS: Vehicle Speed Sensor
WSS: Wheel Speed Sensor

These abbreviations, and the accompanying list of trouble codes, can be a great start when your Ducati check engine light comes on. As mentioned above, if you are not comfortable with electrical diagnostic work, a dealership or qualified technician can offer assistance. Please keep in mind that even though you have the ability to clear a DTC using the onboard diagnostic feature, you shouldn't clear the code prior to your service appointment. Let the technician view and clear the codes as they troubleshoot the issue.

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Motorcycle electrical systems are very complex to fix it, check with your motorcycle diagnosis tool for the fault code and start motorcycle troubleshooting process.Some bike problems require professional troubleshooting and repair. However, there are many issues that you can easily fix on your own.

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